14″ by 19″    Acrylic on paper.   SOLD

H.M.S Canopus was built to a pattern created by her designer Sir William White.  She introduced some new features to British battleships including Krupp cemented armour, small tube boilers for more efficient steaming and guns that could be loaded at any elevation.

These were fairly ground-breaking innovations in 1897 when she was built but with the coming of the Dreadnought, Canopus and her sisters and all of Sir William White’s designs were rendered obsolete at a stroke. When called upon to augment Admiral Craddock’s squadron in the South Atlantic to hunt Graff von Spee’s cruisers she arrived with her chief engineer locked in his cabin on suicide watch, her engines as broken down as their chief and her crew barely able to manage their ship.   She was not involved in the destruction of Craddock’s cruisers off Coronel as she was too slow.   She fired the first shot at the Germans when they attempted to take the Falkland Islands and later provided fire support to the Dardanelles before she was retired as a guard ship at Chatham.