The Falklands War

24″ by 36″     Oil on board

Following the Argentine invasion of the Falkland islands , the First Sea Lord Admiral Lewin was asked by Mrs Thatcher if the islands could be retaken. Admiral Lewin was optimistic that it could be done and a task force to be assembled within days. He also calculated that half the ships in the task force would be sunk as the Royal Navy would be operating at the limits of it’s capabilities. Most of the warships were single purpose vessels, anti submarine, anti aircraft and aircraft carriers. None of them were multi-functional. This painting shows H.M.S Broadsword, armed with Exocet and Sea Wolf missiles but no guns. She provided excellent cover for the rest of the task force shooting down several Argentine aircraft, in fact the other ships came to rely on her for protection.   The whole fleet suffered from political cost cutting and it was a miracle that they survived let alone succeeded in the Falklands war.

4 ships were sunk and nearly all were damaged, that they did succeed was down to brilliant improvisation and guts.